What does smoking do in your body? What are its benefits ?

smoking kills you

Smoking Effects

Let me start this article by promising you it will be informative, 

interesting and helpful to understand some scientific information about smoking.

Smoking , as everything else in our lives, is a double-edged weapon, and we should measure the risk-benefit ratio before being judgemental.

How to start smoking?

reward system

There are many environmental factors that help a person to smoke like: 

It is a cool thing, why not try it?

all friends and family members smoke ….. etc 

First of all let's talk a little bit about the chemistry of our brain that helps us to continue our life, that balance between obstacles that we face daily and pleasure times. This is a very important entry to addiction.

We have a reward system in our brain that is based on 3 pillars ( stimulus – behavior- reward )

So we are exposed to a stimulus that pushes us towards certain behavior to be rewarded.

This reward system has certain centers in the brain and within it, there are some reward circuits in which a huge amount of neurotransmitters (most importantly dopamine)

chemistry of the brain

Inborn Vs Acquired pleasure.

The difference in the amount of dopamine released with food Vs substance-addicted
The difference in the amount of dopamine released with food Vs substance-addicted

We have 2 types of responses (conditioned and unconditioned)

The unconditioned stimuli like having sex and eating delicious food.

The conditioned stimuli like money, nicotine, special habit...


Brain Projection

brain projection

Let's project what we said on smoking

Smoker fills his lung and respiratory system with nicotine that reaches the blood then to the brain through the blood-brain barrier within 10 seconds.

Once reaching, it binds to specific types of receptors and activates them to secrete dopamine that induces euphoria (a state of intense happiness and self-confidence)


 Where is the problem?

Repetition of smoking creates problems, heavy and long-term smoking makes the brain bored, so the receptors of nicotine and dopamine (D2) are down-regulated.

But the nicotine is still present in a big amount of stimulating neurons to release more dopamine then directing and hijacking the reward system from the other stimuli. (making this person in need to nicotine more than intercourse, food, money)

brain hijacking

So he will choose to smoke rather than studying or having an important exam (if he reached the addiction level) 

The body is adapting to a new situation. We need nicotine for life not just for happiness!

This what leads to the appearance of withdrawal symptoms if this person decided to stop smoking abruptly.

As during the stage, craving for smoking occurs. It seems like you lost your best friend literally.


How to stop smoking?

Could what we said help us to stop this bad habit?

Some studies have proved that trying to convince the smoker that smoking is harmful and bad is less efficacious which directing him\her to think about the details of smoking, the smell, the taste.

One of the smokers said that: smoking tastes like crap when he asked to do what we said.

Here we use 2 types of hacking (chemical and behavioral) to re-set the brain to its default version.

This way helps the smoker's brain to think again if it is worthy to smoke! To reset or re-hack the brain to stop smoking. 

This is the end of the first part of this article, wait for the second.

brain hijacking


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